Hi, I’m Harry Oettinger!

My family and I would like to welcome you all to Black Tie Ski Rentals of Sun Valley!

I am a lifelong skier, but being from NYC I did not come from a skiing family.  My father and I learned together and from our first ski day at a tiny little hill in Upstate New York I was hooked.  It was the most fun I have ever had.

Over the next two decades I dedicated myself to learning and participating in as many aspects of the sport as possible, I raced through college, coached, joined ski patrol and even built a few hundred pair of skis and several iterations of the specialized tools needed to create them with.  When my daughter was born and I had to get a job with more regular hours, and I discovered that my true passion was boot fitting, sharing the sport with others, and helping them achieve the same joy I feel each time I hit the slopes.

I am lucky enough to have a family that loves the mountain lifestyle as much as I do, so my wife, daughter, two dogs, guinea pigs and the rest moved to Sun Valley, ID to start our grand adventure living in the west.  We chose Black Tie Ski Rentals because I can’t think of a better way to help more people have more fun than by conveniently setting them up for success with great equipment. You will find the same dedication and attention to detail getting your rental experience right that my clients and athletes have come to expect of when getting their equipment during my 15 years of custom boot fitting.

See you on the slopes!



Harry, Melissa, Claire, Katie, Starbuck, Mr. Millie and Snickerdoodle

Black Tie Ski Rentals, Sun Valley, Idaho