Ski Rental Delivery Policies


To qualify for our lowest rates your reservation must be booked a full day (24 hours) prior to arrival on-line at, or by calling or emailing the Reservations Office. A minimum 2-day rental is required. To make a reservation within 24 hours of the requested delivery time, please call the Reservations Office. Black Tie Ski Rentals reserves the right to substitute equipment of equal or greater value in order to accommodate all advance reservations. Valet Walk-Ins are permitted to rent for 1 day as long as equipment is available, and at the valet’s discretion.

Payment Policy

Your credit card will be charged within 24 hours of ski delivery. Any adjustments or additions can be made throughout the reservation period and will be adjusted by the Reservations Office. A receipt of all expenses can be emailed at the guest’s request to the email on file. If no email is provided, the Reservations Office cannot provide a receipt. 

Cancellation Policy

Reservations cancelled 48 hours or more prior to scheduled delivery will not be charged. If cancelled within 48 hours, the guest will be subject to a charge of one full day rental per person plus applicable taxes on the reservation. Cancellation or delays due to weather or other reasons outside the guest’s control such as airline delays or cancellations will also be rescheduled or cancelled without charge.

Early Returns

If you wish to return your equipment before your pre-arranged return date you must notify Black Tie Ski Rentals before 9:00AM of the desired return day. If returned after this time a one full day rental plus tax will be assessed per person. Black Tie Ski Rentals does not offer half-day rentals.

Pick-Up and Return Policy

The rental period will begin on the delivery date when the equipment is delivered before 2:00PM. Equipment delivered after 2:00PM will have a rental period beginning the following day. Black Tie Ski Rentals will attempt contact twice; once by phone and a second time either by phone or email, for each returning guest the day the equipment is due. If the guest does not respond, the Reservations Office will charge an additional rental day for each piece of missing equipment. If no contact information is provided by the guest, and the guest does not notify Black Tie Ski Rentals that the equipment is available for pick up, the Reservations Office will charge an additional rental day for each piece of equipment. Equipment not returned by 9:00AM the morning after the due date will result in an extra late charge per day. 

Damage Waiver

An optional Damage Waiver is available and covers damage to equipment caused by normal wear and tear incurred while skiing. It does NOT cover damage due to NEGLIGENCE, THEFT, or LOSS.

Skip Day Policy

A “Skip Day” is a day where you might want to take a break from skiing, or have some other activity arranged where you will not be using the rental equipment. Instead of having to pay for the day the equipment is not being used, you will be refunded for the “Skip Day” as long as the Reservations Office is informed by 9:00AM of the Skip Day. Black Tie Ski Rentals reserves the right to pick up the equipment for this unused day to use in our fleet for another reservation. If we do so, we will re-deliver similar equipment, but we cannot guarantee that the same equipment will be re-delivered. The Skip Day Policy applies to reservations of 5 paid days or more per person.