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Summer in Sun Valley

Sun Valley, Idaho—where the first destination ski resort in North America was established in 1936—may have its roots in winter. But visit during the warmer months and you’ll understand the cliché that resides at the heart of every mountain town: People may come for the snow, but they stay for the summers. Here are a few ways to enjoy the… Read more →

Sun Valley in the Summer

Happy summer everyone! If I were to say Sun Valley in the summer is a sight to see, I would be grossly understating the beauty of the area and letting you down in my description. It’s a beautiful place to stay and play no matter the season. Although we here at Black Tie Sun Valley prefer the snow falling from… Read more →

Take a chance on a small town vacation

10 Places to Avoid This Summer and Where to Go Instead A five-hour drive west in Idaho’s Sun Valley wilderness you’ll find epic outdoor adventures you can have all to yourself. Mountain bike and horseback ride among gorgeous peaks and meadows similar to Yellowstone’s. Here on the legendary Middle Fork of the Salmon River, one of the country’s first protected… Read more →